How To Fix Hotmail Server Error | Instant Support

How To Fix Hotmail Server Error | Instant Support

“Easy and instant 24*7 remote technical support for Hotmail server error”.

Hotmail is a daily used web based email service from Microsoft. Millions of people use Hotmail daily and this is why if any thing goes wrong such as Hotmail server error then it is quite a frustrating experience for you. You need to know that most of the server errors in Hotmail can be resolved easily by re-configuring the Hotmail account settings. If you are facing any server error and wondering how to fix Hotmail error then you need to check following.

You may have Hotmail server error 401 or other error and in such situation you can check following with your Hotmail.

  • First you must ensure that you are using the updated and latest version of the internet browser available so far.
  • You should check that internet and network connection is stable and fast.
  • Make sure that your system is updated on regular basis with the latest updates.
  • You should disable programs such as antivirus, anti-malware and the firewall. Because all these programs have the potency and tendency to restrict the data packets causing the server error.
  • Also, you should choose the DNS carefully or else you can call your ISP to provide you with the list. You may encounter Hotmail server error if the DNS has stopped working. You may go for Google public DNS which will most probably solve the Hotmail server errors.

Hotmail server error 401

We use internet on daily basis and so we also stumble across several websites while browsing. We check and subscribe to many online services, blogs and many other special offers from several companies for which we sign in to their web page by linking to our social media accounts. When this linking user accounts from various identity providers takes place it essentially makes the process of authentication to the user easy and it also help various sites to recognize the user’s identity in granting access to the website.

While using Hotmail, you may have come across Hotmail server error 401 where you face 401 Unauthorized Access is denied due to invalid credentials error alert on logging into Hotmail. You see 401 error messages usually on sites like Hotmail that requires user credentials. So when you see this error message you can follow below steps to fix the problem. This means you have entered invalid username or password.

  1. You should check if you are entering right Hotmail URL.
  2. Check if you are entering correct login credentials.
  3. You can check for secure access options.

List of Hotmail error messages

Hotmail works well generally but despite all this, you may encounter one or more error messages on your device screen while using Hotmail. If that happen you get troubled because you cannot use Hotmail in such situation because of this error or you may not be able to use a particular feature of Hotmail account. If you know some of the common Hotmail error messages, you don’t get baffled when you see one. Here are some of those:

Cannot open your default email folders.

  1. The connection to Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.
  2. Hotmail is unable to connect to the proxy server.
  3. Hotmail Send Receive Error 0x800ccc13.
  4. Cannot start Microsoft Hotmail.

So, these are some common Hotmail error messages you can encounter while using Hotmail.

Hotmail server

Hotmail is a web based email service. Like other email service, Hotmail uses the HTTP protocol for connecting you to your mailbox. In order to send and receive Hotmail emails both incoming and outgoing Hotmail server work properly with proper settings otherwise you will not be able to send and receive emails on Hotmail. SMTP server and POP server settings have to be right in your Hotmail account so that you can send and receive emails.

Hotmail Customer Service Number 1-888-410-9071

Hotmail is an email service from Microsoft. If you have any error especially server errors with your Hotmail account then you need immediate help. You may check for help and can get the help on Microsoft page by choosing “Hotmail” as your product and then you will see information available on several common issues faced by users. If you cannot get the support there you can dial Hotmail support number and get instant support. Our representative will solve your issue on phone and thus saves you from frustration and your precious time. So, when there is any issue with your Hotmail account, you can simply dial our Hotmail customer service number and get instant solution.


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