How To Embed YouTube Video In Outlook Email

Here we’ll learn about video in Outlook email in detail. The outlook is a very common and popular email service application. It is also known as Hotmail or Windows mail and managed by Microsoft. We can use Outlook both as a standalone application or web mail service.

It also offers numerous email features and a user-friendly interface to the users. Therefore many people from around the world prefer to use Outlook for email communication.

Many Outlook users want to know how to embed YouTube video in Outlook email. Outlook does not allow to embed a YouTube video directly into the email body.

However, we can do something by which it may look like that YouTube video is embedded in the email. So if you want to know how to embed YouTube video in email Outlook you can follow the below steps:

Steps to send video in outlook email

  • Open YouTube and go to the YouTube video link
  • Now get screenshot of the video in JPG
  • Now open Outlook
  • Sign in to your account with username and password
  • Now click on the New email button
  • Then click on Insert and click on the Picture
  • Select the Video image from a desktop that you have saved
  • Now adjust the size of the image according to your need
  • Now putting the cursor the image, right click the mouse
  • Select Hyperlink from the Menu
  • Then paste the YouTube video link on the address field
  • Click OK to finish the process

Now when you send video in Outlook email by following the above steps, the receiver can easily see the video by clicking on the image.

Outlook email message

An outlook email message is the faster, affordable and secure way of email communication. It comes with innovative email features and sophisticated platform.

Users from diverse background use Outlook email message in everyday life. We can also use another email service in an Outlook email client. Outlook provides trouble-free email service to users from all part of the world.

However, some common issues may arise with Outlook. Therefore we need reliable and dedicated customer support for Outlook email service. Though Microsoft offers support to the users by most of the time it is not enough.

Users need instant and dedicated support for Outlook email message issues. Now customers can use the third party Outlook support number for an effective and immediate technical solution

Contact the outlook customer service number now and get instant support

The Outlook customer support number is the third party remote tech support provider for Outlook email. Customer can dial the helpline number from their home or office or anywhere else and get instant support.

This toll-free helpline number is easily accessible from any part of the world. Users can dial the number 24 hours and round the clock to seek support from experts.

There are experienced and professional email experts to offer the best support for Outlook issues. Customers can directly talk with the experts for any Outlook issue and get reliable solution over the phone.

So if you are using Outlook, just call on the Outlook customer service number now and enjoy problem free Outlook.

Outlook contact number provides following solutions for Outlook email
  • Outlook email setup and configuration support
  • Resolve sign-in issue with Outlook account
  • Configuration of Outlook in mobile
  • Issues with sending and receiving email error
  • Support for Outlook password recovery
  • Import and export data and contact
  • Outlook server related problems
  • Protection of Outlook account from virus and online threats
  • Solution for spam email related problem
  • Solution for Outlook common error
  • Resolve Outlook calendar not working
  • Solution for mail attachment problems
Reasons for choosing outlook contact number as your tech support partner

There is no doubt that you can find many support providers for Outlook issues. However, this Outlook contact number 1-888-410-9071 is the leading solution provider in the world for Outlook.

Therefore it has many loyal customers from around the world. Customers can get 24*7 support remotely through the helpline number. There is no waiting time and delay to get support for Outlook issues.

The certified tech experts are capable to resolve any Outlook issue instantly over the phone. Apart from that customers do not need to worry about security and privacy of data with this Outlook customer support number.

Last but not least you can have affordable service for all Outlook issues. So get rid of your Outlook email problems just by connecting with the Outlook contact number.


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