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Are you looking for the solution of Outlook Send Receive error 0x800ccc92? Well, you are at the right place. Here, we’ll discuss all these things in detail. Let’s discuss;

If you cannot send and receive emails then it is quite frustrating. The outlook from Microsoft is a highly popular and used email service in the world.

Fix Outlook send receive Error 0x800ccc92  | 1-888-410-9071

You get multiple features in Outlook and the basic one is to send and receive emails. But what if you see MS Outlook sending and receiving an error?

There are different kinds of errors with different codes you might have seen in Outlook. And one of those is error code 0x800ccc92 which you may face when you are transmitting all emails in Outlook.

In simple words, this error occurs when you are sending or receiving emails in Outlook. And that you named error message on your screen as ‘Receiving reported error (0x800ccc92): Your email server rejected your login.’ Well, you need to fix the error in order to enjoy using Outlook.

You may ask how to fix sending and receiving reported error 0x800ccc92 outlook? Well, first you need to know the possible reason for it. And then you can apply the solution to fix the problem.

Reasons behind Outlook Send Receive error 0x800ccc92

If you know what is the reason behind the sending and receiving error 0x800ccc92 in Outlook, it becomes easier for you to solve it.

Here are possible reasons behind Outlook send receive error 0x800ccc92.

  • If you made incorrect entry of your username and password details
  • And,if there is corrupt or damaged Outlook Data Files(.ost & .pst)
  • If you assigned the wrong Outlook configuration settings
  • There is oversized PST as well as OST data file
  • POP3 & SMTP protocols failing regularly from the server
  • There is a synchronization issue between Outlook mail client & serve
  • There is a virus or malware infection in Outlook emails
  • MS Outlook application shut down improperly.

These are reasons why there is outlook send receive error 0x800ccc92.

Manual Method to Resolve Outlook send receive error 0x800ccc92

Once you see that there is outlook send and receive a 0x800ccc92 error on your screen you want to fix it as quickly as possible. Well, you can do it manually. 

Following are the manual method to resolve outlook send receive error 0x800ccc92.

  1. Check for right entry of username and password: Sometimes you may have made wrong entry of username and password. And so you can check it and if this is the case you can enter right username and password.
  2. Check for web server settings: You need to know web server settings is quite important for sending and receiving emails in outlook. So, check if you have entered all details for POP, SMTP, IMAP and so on correctly and if not correct it.
  3. Reduce file size limit of Outlook PST/OST files: If the size of PST/OST files exceeds size limit. Then you may face 0x800ccc92 error, thus you can set auto archive option or do it manually in Outlook.
  4. Repair corrupt outlook data file: This is important because if there is a corrupt file, you can face 0x800ccc92 error in outlook while sending and receiving emails.

So, if you fix through these manual methods, you can get rid of outlook send and receive a 0x800ccc92 error.

Outlook customer support number : Call Now 1-888-410-9071

The outlook is a product from Microsoft. And Microsoft is known for providing best customer support to all its users across the world. Well, there is documented support for all kinds of possible issues on the support page of Microsoft website, where you can search for the solution or information related to Outlook.

But that may not be exactly helpful to you or you may need a proper understanding of that written material. Well, for any problem in Outlook you can dial Outlook customer support number. And talk directly to Outlook team who will help you with whatever information or solution you are looking for.


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